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Keeping prices low & quality high: Powerful low cost POS displays 

The experienced team behind Powerful Displays controls every step of the process, monitoring quality and keeping costs low to offer the best possible value to the brands we work with. Because we’re based on the ground in our factory in China, we can offer some of the most competitive prices on the market - delivering cheap POP displays so you can get more out of your products in-store 

In a jam-packed visual space such as a retail store, we have the knowledge to create displays that dissolve any customer analysis paralysis and draws them into the obvious choice: you. Our team understands the psychology behind design that sells, and we merge this with tips on how to make the most out of the buyer’s journey and trigger more impulse buys.


Our experienced Powerful specialists take you from visualization to design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing and shipping. Working within the confines of your budget, we help you bring your products to life at retail. . Head into the future of retail with affordable interactive experiences, next gen touch experiences and modular flexible designs, or keep it classic with counter and floor displays customized to your brand.

Powerful savings you can count on

When it comes to your retail display goals, our team has the know-how to turn them into reality. Whether your focus is on brand awareness or sales, our low-cost POP displays mean you can count on a great return on your investment.


Here’s why brands have been choosing Powerful for over a decade:


  • EXPERIENCE on the ground in our China-based factory

  • DESIGN experts in everything from cardboard to permanent and interactive displays

  • Leading MANUFACTURING capabilities and cutting-edge machinery

  • An in-house TECHNOLOGY team that develops smart control systems

  • Best-in-class SERVICE and a reliable long-term partner

  • A 100% inspection service for strict QUALITY control

  • International FREIGHT logistics experience and knowledge


To find out how affordable our POS/POP displays really are, tell us more about your project ideas and we’ll gladly provide a quote. Get in touch with the Powerful Displays team via


Cheap Cost Effective POP/POS Displays for Your Brief & Budget

Because quality and affordability don’t have to be mutually exclusive, Powerful has created a range of solutions to ensure we’re able to deliver a low cost POP display without sacrificing on quality and innovation. With over a decade’s experience working with emerging businesses and major brands to appeal to consumers while they’re at the critical decision stage, we can find the right smart sales solution for any brief.


You’re always searching for ways to grow your business without digging too deeply into your budget, and drawing customers to your brand while they’re in-store is an essential part of the marketing process. With tailored retail displays at low prices, brands, large and small, can now afford to immerse the shopper’s in the retail environment, and convert them through the purchasing journey. 

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