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Retail displays & other innovative techniques

Your brand and its messaging is unique; we offer a variety of custom POS displays that mirror this fact. So, you can be involved in the design and manufacture process to create a display that can be used for virtually any product in any industry. Over the years, we’ve worked with high-end and emerging brands in the USA, Canada and across the world, never losing sight of our belief that innovation and versatility is key.
Just some retail POP displays that could work wonders for your own brand include:


  • 3D retail displays - bring your products to the forefront of your customers’ minds with a bespoke 3D creation that encourages new levels of interactivity. 

  • Custom floor displays - promote a product through inventive designs and eye-catching structures that shoppers can’t help but pay attention to.

  • Counter displays - savvy, stylish counter displays are designed to disrupt a shopper’s thought process just as they’re making a purchasing decision - encouraging them to pick up your item.

  • Sets of retail POS displays - placed strategically around a store to complement the shopper’s journey, bring your brand to life at multiple touch points.

  • Cardboard displays - a simple solution known to yield a high return on investment; showcase your products with a cardboard display adorned with your logo and branding.

We’re brimming with ideas and we’re sure you are too. Just get in touch to discuss any out-of-the-box suggestions you might have and we’ll find the retail solution for your needs. Head to our portfolio for a little inspiration and let’s bring your ideas to life.

The experience you want from a POP display company you trust 

Encouraging a customer to overcome that “analysis and paralysis” part of the buyer’s journey starts with creating a POP/POS display that makes your product the obvious choice. But how do we do it? Through innovative thinking; next gen touch experiences, audio and visual interactive displays, modular designs and more. 
With a factory in China to save you money, but delivering POP displays to Canada and the USA, choose Powerful when you want:

  • Long-standing EXPERIENCE out on the ground 

  • Experts in DESIGN tailored to your brand

  • Access to the latest machinery for exceptional MANUfACTURING capabilities

  • Smart control systems and advanced TECHNOLOGY

  • Best-in-class SERVICE from a partner you can trust

  • QUALITY guaranteed through rigorous testing

  • International logistics experience in FREIGHT for a full-scale service

The experience you want from a POP display company you trust 

Custom POS Display Units Aligned With Your Brand

Making your products pop starts with retail POP displays customized with your brand’s color palette, graphics and everything else that makes your business unique. Creating visual merchandising displays for forward-thinking companies for more than 10 years, Powerful has the team of designers, engineers, technologists and manufacturers to work closely with you and bring your vision to life - in the physical stores that your customers are shopping in.

A staple technique for manufacturers, custom POP/POS displays are built from scratch and aligned with your brand to the finest detail. Bring our expertise to your project so you can capitalize on the features that grab attention and really sell products, to out-perform your competitors and boost sales of your products.

Despite the disruption of the digital age, there’s really no substitute for the ever-versatile POP display unit found in brick-and-mortar retailers. From free-standing floor stands to pallet displays and POP display boxes, our displays are proven to attract, engage and convert shoppers through the purchasing journey. 

Ready to get your ideas out of your head and onto your next custom retail display unit? Work with Powerful for the support you need to make it happen. From assisting with a stand-out design on effective POS/POP displays all the way through to on-time delivery, discover the difference when you partner with Powerful Displays.

Increasing in-store engagement and boosting your revenue starts with the right visual marketing. Choose a POS display company that’s trusted around the world, and renowned for innovation. We ship worldwide and manufacture your retail displays to the highest industry standards, with rigorous quality tests and prices you’ll love. 

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