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5 Benefits of Incorporating Technology Into Your Retail POP Display

Making an impact on today’s customers goes beyond placing your products onto shelves. Shoppers want an interactive, memorable experience that catches their eye, and they’ve become largely desensitized to rinse-and-repeat point-of-purchase (POP) displays that don’t stray beyond the norm. So they walk right past.

You can make your POP matter with technology. By embracing powerful visual and audio technology such as our exclusive SoundWedge™, your marketing materials can appeal to the next generation, for a retail display that’s powered by innovation.

Keep reading to find out why making the transition from static to interactive displays is long overdue for your brand.

1. Create a lasting impact

A little innovation goes a long way. Technology opens a can of marketing possibilities (think smart TVs and soundbar retail displays) that not only grab attention - but leave a lasting impact on the consumers that interact with your display.

A study by Ocean Outdoor found that moving digital signage is 2.5 times more impactful than static displays, peaking a powerful emotional response that helps the brain to retain information.

2. Encourage user interactions

Sellers have battled it out on price point and quality since the beginning of time, but now customer experience is a key deciding factor in the purchase journey. In the competitive retail environment, you can’t always rely on a friendly smile from the sales assistant to turn visitors into customers - even advocates - for your brand.

Digital POP displays bring a new level of interactivity that immerses the consumer in your business. Touch-screen technology creates an opportunity for engaging, fun experiences and helps to build a connection with your audience that a static display couldn’t quite achieve.

3. Enhance the user journey

Educating the customer is a key pillar on the journey to a sale. By cleverly integrating technology such as touch screens or videos, retailers can inform the consumer without being intrusive or annoying. Think of an animation on how your product is used, or its features and benefits, for example.

This reduces the need for a sales assistant to approach the customer (and risk scaring them away), and keeps the customer in control while they discover exactly why your product could benefit their life.

4. Flexibility in your messaging

Traditional store displays deliver a fixed message; it can’t be updated when the season changes or your offer does. By incorporating an interactive feature into your advertising, you get to change the content whenever you want, and can conduct A/B testing to discover what converts.

5. Increase sales

At Powerful Displays, we’ve found that interactive displays that offer multiple product selections boost purchase decisions by up to 50%, while the customer is standing in front of the display.

But the purchase decisions don’t end there. The adoption of digital POP displays enables brands to develop an omnichannel strategy across multiple channels, to deliver a

seamless shopping experience that takes the customer from online to offline - and back again. Now, even brick-and-mortar shopping can offer modern, fully-integrated experiences that are on-brand and engaging - to build recognition and drive sales across platforms.

To find out more about powerful technology for your POP display, talk to us and request a quote.

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