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The Process of Developing an Engaging POP Display

You already know you want a custom POP display that will raise your brand’s profile and generate sales. But do you know the steps that are needed to take you from concept to completion in the most efficient, effective way?

Powerful has over a decade of experience in building POP displays on the ground, and over that time, we’ve developed an agile approach to building and implementing the best display for your business and customers. By working closely with you, we’re able to create a result that’s aligned with your brand and inspires consumers to make a purchase.

1. A detailed brief

The process begins with a brief. We start by getting to know our clients to build a brief that’s pivotal in understanding who the client is, how they want to be represented, and what they want to portray through their messaging. If you have a seasonal offer or a new product to promote, this forms part of the brief and helps to guide the direction of the product.

2. Market research

Using our experience and first-hand market knowledge, we identify those key trends and features that are proven to convert shoppers. What’s important here is ensuring we deliver the value that consumers want, to ensure we appeal to the right buyer.

3. Concept development

Taking a technology-focused approach, we build concepts to give the client a true feel of the display and the impact we expect it to have in-store. Using in-depth 3D and hi-res concepts, there are no surprises once the display hits the stores. We’ll explore ways to make your display stand out at this stage.

4. Prototyping

Things look different in reality compared to on paper or on screen. Prototyping is essential to enable us to make subtle changes and fine-tune the display or messaging. We put the client in control while giving our creative input for maximum impact.

5. Production

Working to your timeline and budget, we partner with reputable suppliers and ensure the highest QC measures are adhered to throughout the production process. From high-cost complex displays to low-cost high volume orders, our team works with agility to get production done in the promised time frame without exceeding your budget.

6. Quality control

From the moment production begins to the second your POP displays find their in-store home, strict quality control measures are undertaken to ensure the longevity of your products.

7. Freight & logistics

Wherever your displays need to go, we have the international freight and logistics experience to get it there, and ensure your displays are kept safe and secure.

8. Analysis

Once your display is in front of consumer eyes, we don’t just set it and forget it. We carry out remote monitoring and data collection using advanced tech to make sure it’s performing as we expected. That means that the brands we work with get invaluable insights into shopping trends and their customer’s purchasing behavior as they develop.

Start the process with a quote. Contact Powerful and go from concept to completion in 8 easy steps.

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