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The Most Powerful Audio and Video Control Technology for Retail

A leading POWERFUL solution for controlling headphone, portable speaker, and soundbar retail displays. Media player and control board all-in-one. SoundWedge™ delivers superior sound quality in a compact solution.


Developed by audio specialists and software engineers, the SoundWedge™ switching and control system is truly next generation. No more messy cables and PCB "dumb boards", no more dampened sound or static power interference, or limited customer experiences, the SoundWedge™ delivers sound and control to the highest quality.


From a single sound bar display to an entire sound bar and subwoofer wall, our media and control technology provides superior sound and video output. Finding the right sound system for your home can be a hazardous area without the right information. Through our years of experience working with consumer electronic brands, we've found interactive displays that offer multiple product selections increases purchase decisions up to 50% whilst standing in front of a display. Pair a sound system with a television, further increases the opportunity of selling multiple products.

The SoundWedge system blended with our understanding of retail design, creates the perfect solution for displaying today's latest sound products!

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Engineered for optimal control of audio and video products


Using SoundWedge you'll experience:

  • Superior sound quality- software driven engineering

  • Connect up to 8 speakers and/or headphones via 3.5mm or optical inputs

  • Amplifier chip for ultimate sound boosting

  • Synchronised to LED lighting strips

  • Compact and secure casing

  • Easy remote content updating

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